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CNXMLDecodeError Struct Reference

Information for XML decode error. More...

#include <CNXMLDecodeError.h>

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CNXMLDecodeErrorType errorType
 Type of decode error.
xmlNodePtr errorNode
 The XML node whose has error.
union {
   struct {
      const xmlChar *   requiredElementName
 Required element name.
   }   invalidElementName
 Context of CNXMLInvalidElementNameError.
   struct {
      const xmlChar *   requiredElementName
 Required element name.
   }   childIsNotFound
 Context of CNXMLChildIsNotFoundError.
   struct {
      const xmlChar *   requiredAttributeName
 Required attribute name.
   }   noAttributeName
 Context of CNXMLNoAttributeNameError.
   struct {
      const xmlChar *   attributeName
 Attribute name.
      const xmlChar *   invalidValue
 Invalid attribute value.
   }   invalidAttributeValue
 Context of CNXMLInvalidAttributeValue.
 Error information for each errors.

Detailed Description

Information for XML decode error.

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